Capital One Bank Statement Transaction Scraper (PDF to CSV / Excel)

Hello, I'm Matthew Baker... I'm just some nerd dad living in the city of Atlanta... I write code and build sites of varying complexity for fun in my spare time.

This Site does one thing, it allows you to upload a Capital One Bank Statement (PDF) and it converts it to CSV for use in Excel or Google sheets etc. After uploading, your statement, a script will pull all the transactions out of it and convert them to CSV. You can select, copy and paste the CSV output into your app of choice.

I built this PDF scraping utility because I needed to catch up on my taxes from few years back and Capital One wouldn't give me older statements in CSV format. Sure, Capital One Bank offered PDFs of old statements but I really didn't savor the idea of retyping or even copy / pasting transactions from PDF statements... so I built this utility.

I've only tried this tool with MY statements so it's possible it won't work for yours. If this tool doesn't work for your capital one PDF bank statements, please let me know so I can fix any bugs / improve the tool.

Privacy Policy: This system does NOT retain any of your information. Everything is immediately cleared after it is processed... for my own safety (legally) as well as yours. Also, this site is running in a private container in Google Cloud, not some server in a basement so the site is secure.

If you have questions, give me a call. Also, feel free to facebook stalk me

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